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Sample Lingo™ Question

College Board makes extensive use of unusual lingo.  Just for example, they never seem to use the words “subtract”,  “minus,” or “difference” to indicate subtraction, but what word do they use when they want you to subtract?  You need to know the answer to this question!  

Here’s an example of a full question:  Which of the following always represents the units digit of the product of two consecutive odd prime integers less than 11?

a.  7

b.  5

c.  3

d.  1  

e.  Information cannot be determined based on the information given.

(Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what the “units digit” is?)

Now there are typically between 4 and 11 Lingo Problems on every SAT ~ representing potentially a stunning 110 points on the SAT.  If you can not confidently work the problem in less than 90 seconds with 4th grade math skills, then you need to buy our DVD series.

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