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4th grade math strategies for unbelievably high scores on the Math Section of the SAT®

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Wouldn’t the SAT be easier, if you could work every math problem on the SAT using 4th grade math skills?

SAT Intro, Lingo™, etc.  (Disk 1)

A very important general discussion of formulas that are used on the SAT, and SAT’s unique language that causes students to miss problems that are typically difficult, but not always.  As much of 20% of the tested SAT content falls into this category.

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The Fixed Exchange™ (Disks 2 & 3)

A very flexible problem that is common on the SAT.  It appeared 9 times on a recent SAT, though 4 - 6 problems represents a typical frequency.  Very easy to recognize, and very easy to work without ANY understanding of algebra (regardless of difficulty) using our system.

The Open Exchange™ (Disk 4)

The Achilles heel of many a would be good SAT score.  Our system will simplify and standardize these highly difficult problems (6 - 10 on every SAT) so that these questions will be money in the bank!

The Restricted Exchange™ (Disk 5)

A large category of difficult, high frequency problems (about 8 problems on every SAT).  While they represent a broad category, they are easy to recognize once you know what you’re looking for.  They are often Student Produced Response Questions.

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Coach I used the 2 Right to be Wrong technique you taught me to knock out a 660 on Math section of the SAT!  Thanks so much. ~ Elizabeth Glenn

“I am an intelligent student, but math is my weakest point.  To be blunt, I absolutely suck at math, but now the questions are really ‘clicking.’  I know my SAT score will be great now!  ~ Ashley Ritter

“I’d never seen any of the techniques you talked about in the series, and I think they will really help.  It makes me feel more confident to take the test next time.  ~ Jordan Jones

“Hey Coach Wilson, I have been meaning to tell you how I did on my last SAT. I went up another 70 points. This was so exciting for me because now I will receive an extra $2,500 college scholarship each year!  I would have to say, studying everyday during my study hall with your online forum and your step by step instructions was most helpful.  Thank you so much for your help! - Megan Shahoud

“I understand Coach Wilson’s explanations better than anyone else’s.  ~ Jackson Faulling

“We got the SAT score report today, and I’m so thrilled that Megan’s SAT score is up 170 points. Thanks!”  ~ Patsie Shuler

“My boy is the kind of kid that kind of keeps to himself most of the time, so when he called me in the middle of school today, I immediately thought, "Oh no, what's he done now?" Of course, I was thrilled when he told me he was calling to pass on how he’d done on the October SAT.  He was up 160 points!  I'm not sure he's ever been that excited about something relating to academics, and we have your course to thank. ~ Hugh Wilson

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The Case for Our SAT Prep Protocols

1.  The Traditional Approach Fails the Typical Student.

Consider this fact:  the national average SAT Math score for all students is a 530 out of 800 points (representing mastery of only 66% of the tested content).  The last time I checked, a “66”  is a failing score!  The truth is that the traditional approach to Math Section of the SAT is failing most kids ~ not just yours!  So I ask you:  “Why continue searching for success within what we already agree is a failed system?”  

2.  Your kid is NOT a Math Teacher!  

If your kid’s like most of our students, he or she probably hates what little they still remember of the math they were once taught.  Here is the cold, hard truth: regardless of how much he tries, he will never be as good at math as his old Algebra teacher.  It’s because of this reason that you know that your kid doesn’t stand a chance in obtaining a significant score improvement on the Math Section of the SAT doing what they’ve always done, and you can NOT help them.  

3.  There is a Legitimate Alternative.

We can help you ~ because we know what works, and it works for every student.


Our score improvement system on the Math Section of the SAT is based on categorizing all of the high frequency, difficult Math problems that show up in large numbers on every SAT.  These are the hardest math problems on the whole test (which means that your student is missing most, if not all, of them).  Once identified by category, we will show your student how to work all of these ~ with 4th grade math instead of Algebra!  I know it sounds “too good to be true,” but it works.  

4.  The Science of Simplicity & Standardization.  

I promise.  If your kid can add, subtract, multiply and divide (with a calculator), he will have no problems using our system, and his SAT score will skyrocket!

5.  Not Just a Math Solution.

While the DVD Series focus solely on the Math Section, your purchase secures access to our SAT Prep Forum (where there is an additional 18 hours of video instruction in the Math Section, as well as comprehensive tools to address the other two sections of the SAT ~ namely Critical Reading and Writing.

Screen Shot from the 5 disk DVD Course.  The DVD course has a level of production quality to it that other DVD series in the industry do not.  It was shot in a professional studio, with 3 camera crews.  

All DVD series buyers gain a 1-year unlimited access pass to our SAT Math Forum ~ where we discuss every kind of problems on the SAT and how to work them ~

Clockwork Math is the national online presence of Carolina College Prep

"SAT" is a registered trademark of the College Board, and they were not consulted in the production of this video series, and they obviously do not endorse this DVD course.

Video Sample from our SAT Prep Forum.  The forum is where we work all kinds of SAT Problems that we did not have time for on the 5 -hour DVD series.

 Currently, there are over 18 hours of video covering every possible scenario (just in the Math Section of the SAT Prep Forum alone) ~ with more video content being added weekly.

$79 is not too much to pay for a higher SAT score, and here’s what you get for your purchase:

  † 5-Disk DVD Math Course ~ covering the most difficult, high frequency, math problems on the SAT, complete with an explanation of straightforward, 4th grade math approaches to working all of them.

  † Proprietery Course Syllabus ~ includes  all the problems covered in the DVD series and the forum and numerous problems for practice on your own.  The Syllabus & the SAT Prep forum have bonus Critical Reading & Writing Sections to round out your preparation.

  † 1 year unlimited access to our SAT Prep Forum ~ to chat with Coach Wilson, and all the other students trying to put points on their SAT scores.  In here, we’ll consider specific problems of interest off of recent SATs, and other things we didn’t get to in the DVD series, like Gizmo ProblemsTM, Number JumblesTM, The Triangle ToolboxTM, Probability, Ratios, ASR GeometryTM, y = mx + b, Structure CluesTM, Critical Reading Passages, Essay prompts, etc.  

Currently on our SAT Prep forum, there are over 18 hours of additional video in the math section alone ~ with more video content being added weekly.

You can not beat this offer for this price, and your SAT score will thank you immensely.

These are the some of the core categories of problems we cover on the DVD Course.  Inside our SAT Prep forum, we cover all these problems and MUCH, MUCH more. In fact, currently, there is an additional 18 hours of video instruction in the Math section of the Forum ~ with more content added weekly ~ so you never run out of lessons.

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PayPal: Buy 5-Disk SAT Math DVD Series with Proprietary Syllabus, and 1 year unlimited forum access

You do not need a Paypal Account to Pay by Credit Card with Paypal

Only $79

US Orders Only

PayPal: Buy 5-Disk SAT Math DVD Series with Proprietary Syllabus, and 1 year unlimited forum access